Meet the Family

 We were awarded the “Best Management Team of the Year” award in 2005!
We are a professional husband and wife team with many years of experience in the self-storage industry. We are members of the TSSA and update our knowledge of the industry on a routine basis. Our team lives at the facility on site with their pup, and resident guard dog, “Buster.” Watch out!!! He might steal your heart when he looks at you with those big brown eyes! We also admire the facility owners for being so community minded. They have donated spaces to different organizations, including to the Dallas Police force. You may see the White Rock Lake Bicycle Squad going in and our on a daily basis, and do not be alarmed, for they belong here, and we consider them to be a valuable part of the White Rock Self Storage family." - Adriaan Dirks, Manager
    Alley's background before entering the self-storage industry about 10 years ago was in real estate and the apartment renters business. Adriaan came into our business after a sailing career with Shell tankers, prior to which, he hung up his camera after almost 30 years working as a photojournalist for the news and magazine media. As a husband and wife team, Alley and Adriaan complement each other and form a strong force in this self-storage industry. They are able to help our customers with a common sense approach that makes the sometimes-stressful decisions of moving and storage to be as easy and smooth as possible! Our managers take pride in the facility, as it was their own, and pride themselves on providing the best customer service in the industry! Since the first managers retired from White Rock Self Storage, Adriaan and Alley have worked here for almost 7 years, so you can feel comfortable knowing that you won’t have to deal with often changing faces. This fact is an important pillar of our dedication to customer service and our belief in the successfulness of a corporate and family-owned local management strategy. Come and see us soon!


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